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Nadiya shah weekly horoscope may 15th

Our intention is to get you out of your comfort zone, and into something magical. Each day and night there will be activities, balanced with lots of free time to enjoy the cruise ship and the events onboard. My work harnesses the power of spiritual symbols and sacred geometry from around the world to bring those wearing my sacred jewelry happiness, vitality, excitement, and love.

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Pisces September Like this: Like Loading As we move towards the middle of the week, there will be a conversation between Mercury and Mars—these energies suggest powerful changes, epiphanies, breakthroughs and realization! The sky this week would represent power, clarity and a sense of faith and direction as well.

What comes to our lives right now will be very karmic.

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Also this week, Venus will change signs into the sign of Sagittarius. We will feel a more adventurous life. Finally, late in the week the Sun and Pluto will meet.

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Big bold changes will happen, and there is going to be a sense of determination and focus for us. What I love about this week for us is this Solar Eclipse which will bring about some BIG changes, for us, all—and these changes will be wonderful! What a wonderful way to start a new year! Thank You for being a part of a truly stand out and special year for me!

Here we come!!! What an amazing year it is! The big news in is the South Node and how active it will be, with fully 3 eclipses, 3 meetings with Saturn and a connection with Pluto as well. The South Node of the moon is a powerful symbol of closing karmic chapters, and realizing what has served its purpose in our lives.

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But will all endings, come new leggings. Fully 2 of those eclipses are Solar, to start and end the year, which means that bold, bright new opportunities will come forward as we allow ourselves to change. Collectively, this is the great set up to the once in a lifetime celestial events of This year is when there may be dramatic closures of large corporations and other social structures, will will sow the seeds for a restructuring of power and brand new chapter for humanity.

We are living in rare and exciting times.

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Times that are likely to be written about and contemplated for centuries to come. The most important spiritual tool we will have is to surrender and trust the journey, and know that we will continue to be loved and cared for by a loving Universe. All of us, collectively and in our own lives, will discover what truly matters in life.

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  7. The essentials are always routed in love and wisdom. This is a year that will allow us to recognize the superficial for what it is, and celebrate the timeless strength to move our life towards authentic happiness that we all hold.