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Not surprisingly, they make for great architects, engineers, and designers. Since they do have a strong idealistic side to them, when paired with their Capricorn practicality and tendency to develop a tunnel vision, they can be perceived as intolerant. Now, some January 20 people are more extreme on this point than others, but the bottom line is, when it comes to career, make sure you take the time and effort to learn to work with others more closely.

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Stop focusing on comparing yourself to your coworkers. Instead, look at your differences as a source of inspiration, so you can do what you need to do to move up.

If you have a goal, you can put in the work and do whatever it takes or however long it takes until your goal is achieved. This is why you are able to look for weak spots in any kind of activity or system that you are working with to boost efficiency. A lot of people consider this hacking, but it goes beyond that.

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With that said, you have a strong Capricorn grounding in the sense that you tend to be ultimately practical and materialist in outlook. People born on January 20 are reliable by nature. As long as they are clear regarding the objective of a particular project, you can rely on them to show up on time, do the right amount of work, and be there to turn the project from an idea into a reality.

As the old saying goes, showing up is half the battle.

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You can definitely count on Aquarius people born on January 20 to show up on time, every time, when it comes to the big stuff. Put all these factors together and you can see why a lot of people consider people born on this day as trustworthy people. As trustworthy as January 20 Aquarius people can be, they can be quite intolerant especially when things are unclear to them. Believe it or not, if you want to succeed in many areas of your life, you need to question a lot of your existing assumptions.

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These assumptions, in turn, are based on past issues that you feel are settled. By revisiting these issues, you increase the likelihood that you would come up with more efficient solutions that can lead to better results. Similarly, you need structure for you to really stick to a program and hang on to it until you achieve its logical conclusion. Also, like Air, when you are put under a lot of pressure and heat, you can explode.

January 20 Birthday Horoscope

This is due to the fact that you stand by your ideas. You are big on ideas and if you feel that your ideas are somehow being dismissed out of hand, you take it personally. Like a typical Aquarius, you often have a tough time separating yourself from the things you say and the ideas you believe in. You are constantly caught between predictability and certainty of past systems and your aching desire for new ideas and new ways of doing things.

They are not necessarily conflicting and can actually lead to great combinations that would produce amazing results. For Aquarius people born on the 20 th of January, you need to work on being more forgiving and welcoming of differences of opinion. Imperial Green is your governing color. Imperial Green is elegant, tasteful, sophisticated and beautiful. It is definitely very easy on the eyes. However, critics can also view it as elitist, exclusivist, and ultimately, overbearing.

They are progressive thinkers and often influence the formation of a new ideology and theory, any kind of research is very suitable for them. But, sometimes they could have conflicts in their work environment since they tend to be rebels on their own and to choose a unique way. Their persistence sometimes causes their failure, they will continue to do something they have intended, although others have proven to be a wrong choice, they are brilliant people and will know that this is fine, but will only continue because it is their way, they are very fixed to specific ideas and stubborn when faced with the necessity of change.

All of us, are in one way or the other under the significant influence of Planets, they circulate and movement, they affect all Zodiac signs. The primary protector of the people born in this sign of Aquarius, and among them those who celebrate their birth on the January 20 is Amethyst, a semi-precious stone of magnificent pink and sometimes purple colours. It was thought that his mystical powers inspired virtue and high ideals. Traditionally, it is a stone of lovers, and for the Greeks, it was a stone that protected it from poisoning, drunkenness and hangover.

As all of us individually, also for all of us as a society, different dates can provide a significant impact, and in the next couple of lines, you can read all about the critical events that occurred on the January In the year — For the first time, the English Parliament was convened. The lower house consisted of two delegates, the more moderate nobility from each count and two citizens from all major cities, during the Upper House barons and more clergy.

His inability to reconcile the Rome-Catholics and Protestants significantly contributed to the thirty years of religious wars in Europe.

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    China defeats the war in Nanjing forced to pay war loot to the British and hand them over to Hong Kong. In the year — The United States and Hawaii concluded a treaty on which Americans were entitled to use Perl Harbour as a naval base. In the year — George V, the British king, died in During his reign, Britain acquired some German colonies and a mandate over some Turkish possessions.

    In the year — John Kennedy, age 43 years, inaugurated as president of the United States as the youngest head of state in its history. In the year — Ronald Regan took over as head of state at the age of 70, becoming the oldest president in US history. In the year — actor and film actor Johnny Weissmuller died.

    He was the first man who swam meters in less than a minute, interpreted the title roles in a series of Tarzan films. He won three gold medals at the Olympic Games in and two in He spent almost five years in captivity. Palestinian Liberation Leader Yasser Arafat became the first democratically elected leader of the Palestinian people, with In the year — In Ankara for the first time since , the foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey met. In the year — Philippine President Joseph Estrada withdrew from power under the pressure of protesters and the army, and on 16 April he surrendered to the Special Court for the Fight against Corruption.

    It is so amazing to find out that particular historical figure or celebrity is born on the same date as we are -we all do that, even just for fun. In the next couple of lines, read all about people who were born on the January To sum up, characteristics and most interesting and exciting things that are associated with people of the January 20 is that they never judge others because we are all human beings with defects, we are all equal, and we have the right to our attitudes.

    They are verbally trained and watch people; they can learn how to communicate with others through observation.