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After that Harita and Vaiklavya. And then after that Brihaspati, the lord of speech. Bharadwaja, Maandavya, Garga and others then obtained it one after the other. They were taught the details after their teachers had formed an opinion through their own interpretations. Atmaja can be both son and originated from Intellect. Brahma is also referred to as Adya. This translation needs to be checked properly, as Narada Samhita says:.

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Thus this may indicate that it was revealed to all these sages in times gone by, by Brahma. The sages make a prediction and Saumateya is not able to make prediction and hence leaves to get instruction from Lomasha.

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So he could not have taught the sages the science of Jyotisha. Then the knowledge was acquired by various sages but after Lomasha. I think this interpretation is correct. I think what is said that as Lomasha taught this to the Son of Sumati, so did the other rishis told the science with their own interpretation with detailed description. At which place? What was the reason for its creation? O lord of lords! O the one dear to men! Please tell this to me. Knowing it men will attain to the supreme worlds.

And why did he study the treatise?

O Lord! Have mercy and tell me.

I want to know in detail. Thus ends the second chapter in the conversation between Shiva and Parvati in the first part of Lomasha Samhita of sixty thousand verses. I shall tell a secret story - the story of the king of Vanga, which is the destroyer of all sins. He was a knower of dharma, veracious, mindful of former favours and of rigid vows. He had friendship with Indra. He also had friendship with Yama, Varuna and Kubera. He had good sons, he possessed wealth, he had good subjects, was devoted to dharma and was of virtuous conduct.

While he was ruling this way, all obstructions related to his kingdom were subdued. Both were of virtuous conduct, had attractive looks and were devoted to their husband. There were respectively dark and fair, lean and obese, short and tall. One was extremely virtuous, charitable, pious and veracious while the other was sinful, extremely short tempered and devoted to slandering and falsehood.

He frequently thought, "What is this? All of them were proficient in all subjects. By seeing you I have purified my body. They go to their houses out of respect. You are all dedicated to samadhi and concentration of mind and are the supreme refuge of all.

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Therefore, O great sages! Let my doubt be removed.

Kövess minket!

Traditionally also there are said to be eighteen pravartakas or propounders of astrology. Then all those sages, after seeing the two auspicious charts, planets, signs, divisions like navamsha etc which were identical with respect to year, month etc they thought them to belong to one individual. He will have the thread ceremony at the age of eight, marriage at the age of twelve, son at the age of twenty eight.

At the age of seventy there will be a huge war in the battlefield. There itself he will die 1 and because of this attain heaven. In the month of Magha, on the twelfth day of the bright fortnight, on a Sunday, when the Sun will rise in the sign of Capricorn he will die by the weapon named Kalastra. This result pertains to one son. It does not apply to the other.

The years, months etc are identical but the second son is very sinful, of a bad character, a coward in battlefield, devoid of knowledge, short tempered, dark in colour, short in height and extremely merciless. All you intelligent sages should think about this properly. O greatly fortunate one! Vishnu is the cause of the blossoming of the lotus of dharma. I am telling you the means through which your worry shall cease.

Call him and ask.


He will tell everything. He asked that high souled one, "Where has your father gone? Who are you? Where do you live? What is your work here? Whether it is good or bad, tell me as it is. I stay there itself.

Know me, the one who has come in your presence, to have the name Kandura. O learned one! I have been sent by him the king. Listen to what he has said. Come with me now itself. After hearing these words uttered by the messenger, the excellent dwija Saumateya, acceeding to the messenger's request, mounted the chariot instantly. Going with a pleased mind he, along with the messenger, reached Vanga from Anga in one night.

Then all the men - brahmins, kshatriyas etc on hearing the arrival of the vipra, stepped out of their houses along with clothes and ornaments with a derise to see the vipra. Then the king, having got up, bowed his head and then provided the dwija a seat and washed his feet, offered water for drinking and conducted other formalities. The vipra blessed the king by saying "May you live long! When the vipra was staying there one day an assembly was convened by the king.

The four ministers Harshana etc also arrived there. Harshana, Bharata, Shalvara and the learned Ashwajangha. Sujanma arrived there. Salutations to you, O the one who knows about the karmas of previous births! O Saumateya! O the one who is everything! O the one who knows everything!

Salutations to you.

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The best of the vipras sat down. Quickly bring the two horoscopes of my two sons from my home. He gave the horoscopes of the two sons to Sujanma, the son of Sumati.