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View applicable yogas side by side with the chart, and see them change when you change the time of birth. Show report content on worksheets making it extremely convenient to view interpretations with chart and other calculations. See all sign transits for a year at a time, uniquely arranged around the chart. See all transits for a quarter or for a year in a fascinating graphical format. Improved printing of worksheet, and superb control over layout and graphical design.

Drag and drop worksheet cells, and resizing of charts and tables to any size. Better support for large monitors, tablets and notebooks. Incorporate your favorite image s or logo on your screen and printouts. Excellent support for taking notes, specific to a person, or general notes. Improved support for rectification with a highly configurable setup. Change time toolbar, allowing you to change the time of birth or muhurta without popup screens. Many new interactive screens with interpretive content from the reports.

See the current dashas in the animated transits screen.

Ghat Chakra

Highly enhanced Calendar feature which is now fully customizable. Click on days in a monthly calendar to instantly see all the muhurta charts and relate data for that day.

Astro Details

Powerful design features allow you to design screens to an amazing degree, graphically and content wise. Optional Top Toolbar that gives access to all screens organized by category. Click on any house, planet, sign, nakshatra and many more points for more info without blocking the screen. Step through time to view effects of transits according to various techniques and dig deeper with a single mouse click.

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Highly enhanced search for Chart features. Improved Model printing interface. Startup screen gives a handy snapshot of current planetary positions along with Nakshatras. Printable Panchanga time period extended upto Astrology Softwares. Parashara's Light 9. It features a wealth of calculations, charts, tables, and interpretive reports. Vedic Vaastu 2. Traditional Vaastu for Modern Builds!

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Anka Jyotish. Anka Jyotish software is for predictions based on numerological calcuations. Vedic Astrology Bookshelf 1.

Basic Calculations

Vedic Bookshelf is a classical Vedic Library at your fingertips. Shri Muhurta. Krishna Murthy. He is well-known Astrologer from the state of Tamilnadu, India. He researched on various Indian and Western Astrology methods and developed a new method called as KP Krishnamurthy Paddhati Astrology which gives an accurate result and pinpoints of every event in life.

This method uses basic principles of Vedic Astrology and analyzed in a different way. KP Astrology uses Sud Lord theory. KP Astrology is also having ruling planet method which is widely used for birth time rectification. Thanks for visiting Onlinejyotish. Your help and support needed to provide more free Vedic Astrology services through this website.

This will help us as well as needy people who are interested in Free Astrology and Horoscope services. Spread your love towards onlinejyotish.

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  • Vedic Astrology.

What is KP Astrology? Ans: KP means Krishnamurthy Paddhati.

Avahkada Chakra by Sunil Ghaisas in Saptarishis Master Series 4 (with English Subtitles)

Paddhati means method. This method of analysing a birth chart is invented by Shri K. A: No. This is a method of analysis.

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This method is taken from Vedic Astrology only. Ans: In Vedic Astrology House division will be used by most of people equal house system and Sripathi house system. In KP Placidus house division will be used. In Vedic Astrology we use only Moon dasha. But in KP Astrology we need to calculate dashas for every planet and house. KP Ayanamsha will have slight difference with Lahiri Ayanamsha.

KP uses Western Aspects.