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Start My Free Trial Now! We look for the best offers for psychic readings so you dont have too! I dated four girls but none of them are able to stay with me at all. They are both in my best interest and both good men. But I must choose only one. One is in the service and the other is a a concervationist. Ive always told my friends and family to listen to what your gut tels you. Not your heart or head. My name is julio flores me and my wife are living in a pop up trailer someone loaned us n both searching for jobs struggling day to day. We seem to be unable to communicate with one another without getting u set and r sex life is slim to none.

But you have to set your intentions that I all ready have. Tell the unerverse I am so grateful for me and my wife home. I am so grateful for our new job as if you already have it. Manifest what you want and believe you all ready have it.

Cancer Daily Love And Relationship Horoscope

Think good thoughts all the time and watch what happened. Tell the unerverse Thank you for my beautiful wife I am so bless to have her in my life. Say thank you god thank you unerverse for a beautiful life now as many times you want to say it. We had a beautiful relationship, we were happy with it. But all of a sudden for some silly mistakes of mine ruined everything between us. She just broke up and blocked me from everywhere.

Sir I love her truly from the core of my heart. I want her back please help me. My date of birth is — Her — Actually i dont want loose him because i do love him alot and he kinda dont want to be with me anymore. But i do love him.

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope -

I want him back,he kinda angry with me and he dont want to talk to me about our matter. Sir help me i want him back. U lost him 4 good.

Let him go n next time if your going to cheat at least break up with him. I am cancer and my ex is Pisces. I love him for 3 years and all the 3 years I dream of me and him.

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All of the things I have dream so far about him is true. With my ex, recently I dream my friends kinda helping him to apologize to me once again.

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I accidentally read her phone and,. I knew that time I was so sad but I still muster up myself and said it happily, Yay! Thank goodness! And, when I come to maybe something kinda like a living room.

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I sit in front of it and a video was open at the TV as I start to open my favorite channel. I remember myself crying of happiness and I guess I accept him again?

Good evening sir. Please I want to know if I am going to get pregnant again. Dir sir my name is syedameer Jan iam lover name is Zareena Taj ineed to now about my love but some of five mounth she Is not love me for small words she angry with me I need to now wy she is doing like that.

I love one Mrs. She also loves me. I live her by heart and helped her tofullest extend then why so. Please I want to know if I am doing to get pregnant again. How long are my going to wait for the pregnancy to come. I really need to get the passion and intimacy back in my relationship!

Thanks for helping me to take another try to restore a beautiful Love between two people who were twin flames, true soulmates, I just need to focus on what is amazing about us,forget the broken heart that only hurts me. Thank you so much. Dora Wade. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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